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Hyde Brothers Printing And Marketing
A Hundred Years Strong!

Hyde Brothers Printing and Marketing was founded in Marietta, Ohio in June of 1910 by Ward Hyde at a very early age. Mr. Hyde was a Marietta resident most of his life and was very involved with the community. Ward Hyde was also a very active member of the American Union Lodge #1 of the Freemasons downtown. Hyde Brothers Printing began on the top floor of the St. Clair building on Putnam street for years. If you look closely at the back side of the building you can still see outlines of the original Hyde Brothers Printing sign that was painted on the bricks. In our current office you will find many early Hyde Brothers Printing photos on our entrance wall. Mr. Hyde ran and grew Hyde Brothers Printing through the early 1900’s until it was time for him to hang up the press. The company was sold to the Hushion Family also of Marietta who grew upon what Ward had built. The company was running full steam and served many of the largest companies in the area such as Fenton Glass Company, Marietta College, as well as many local businesses. In the early 90’s, Hyde Brothers was then sold to partners and friends Dave McCollough and Lew Camp. Dave and Lew worked hard to carry on the tradition of Hyde Brothers Printing and also became very involved in the local community via Rotary of Marietta and more. The printing industry had seen a lot of changes through the early 2010’s as Lew and Dave moved closer to retirement. Hyde Brothers Printing moved onto it’s fourth generation owner in mid 2014. Owner Steven Flaughers said “I had always loved the Marietta Area, and Hyde Brothers had such a rich history of success, a great name that is synonymous with quality and friendliness, this is where I wanted to be”. Hyde Brothers Printing had to position themselves for the next 100 years of business. Knowing this landscape, Flaughers wanted to continue that same great quality and service. “To do that, we must make it easier for our great clients in the MOV and beyond, to be able to view us as a one stop shop for all their branding merchandise needs, says Flaughers. Hence Hyde Brothers added marketing to its name to what is today known as Hyde Brothers Printing and Marketing. We are proud of our heritage in Marietta, Ohio and we are also very proud to employ the Marietta area residence. These great folks have always been the key to our success and the fabric to our name. We are so thankful to the support from the MOV community and we look forward to serving you for the next 100 years!


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